Personalised Motto Print

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What's your motto? Traditionally a motto should hang above a doorway in a main entrance to remind and inspire all who pass by it.

This bold typographical print oozes personality and spark. A motto is a short sentence or phrase which encapsulates the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution. Maybe your motto is a wise saying passed down through the generations, or maybe you fancy something a bit silly that makes you smile, reminding you to keep it fun!

This print would be a perfect present for a family or a couple of newlyweds. They look great taking centre stage in a kitchen or hallway.

Colours available: blue and white, navy and white, red and white, green and white, bright pink and white, bright aqua and white, black and white, grey and white.

Borders available: star, line, curved ribbon or graphic ribbon.

This bold typographical print can be personalised to include your family motto and name.

made from:

Your print will be printed on a lovely matte acid-free heavyweight paper 280g smooth white, cotton based. British made and museum quality.


Unframed dimensions: 22 x 55cm. Unframed prints will be shipped in a tube.

Framed dimensions: 25 x 60cm. White wooden frame with landscape fixings ready to hang.