Wooden Name Pennant Flag

Modo Creative


Bright and cheerful wooden pennant name flag.

Available in the following colourways:

Candlelighter Yellow (brighter than the Ochre)

Ochre (deeper and more orange than the Candlelighter)

Stone (a lovely off white)

Pink (a bold and happy pink, not particularly feminine) 

Hot Pink (bright and unmissable)

Navy (true navy, matt deep & traditional)

Teal (a dark turquoise)

Nude Pink (soft nude plaster pink colour)

Blue (powder blue)

Green (smokey green)

Dusty Rose (soft black based pink)

Soft Green (pale apple green)

Dijon Yellow (mustard colour)


Dimensions: 45cm x 25cm

Popping Red (bright and funky coral red)

Lovely Lilac (can look quite neutral in some lights)