50 years ago, if someone had been asked to describe a stereotypical dad, it would be a pretty clear cut image. A hard working man who came home at the end of the day, put his feet up, smoked a cigarette, and maybe managed to give his kids a quick pat on the head before they fell asleep. Too often, we fall helplessly into the roles society arranges for us, accepting with little resistance the way we think we ought to be. 50 years ago, those hardworking men probably felt that their worth was measured in the food they were able to put on the table and the quality of life they were able to provide for their family.  

These days, our idea of a ‘dad’ is very different. Some dads like football and beer and talking about cars. Some dads like watching Call the Midwife and drinking gin and tonic. Some like both. Some like neither. Some dads pretend they want to watch the rugby but then spend 92 minutes stood behind their daughter’s armchair watching a feature length romantic comedy with the idea that they’re not really watching it because ‘I’m not sat down.

Modern parents are certainly redefining the role of conventional mums and dads, and we couldn’t be more in favour of this. Dads these days are writing blogs about fatherhood, giving us a running commentary on Twitter about their child’s latest misdemeanour, and creating Instagram accounts dedicated solely to their journey through parenthood; and people love it. Got a video of someone falling during their first dance? Okay, great. Send it to You’ve Been Framed, get your £250, and have a quick laugh showing it to your mates in the pub. Got a video of a dad putting French plaits in his daughter’s hair for her first day at school? Your video probably just went viral.

On the one hand we are celebrating our changing roles and the freedom to be any sort of 'dad' we choose but when it comes to Fathers Day gifts it would seen we still like to celebrate the old stereotype!  So if we can find a fathers day gift that ticks both boxes then we are winning!  

So if you’re a dad who likes the football, or a dad who likes period dramas; if you’re a dad who stays at home and cooks and cleans, or a dad who works overseas and gets home once every three weeks; if you’re a dad who sees his kids on a Sunday, or a single dad raising his kids alone; or if you’re some or all or none of the above but simply just a dad, who loves his kids…

This one’s for you.