March already – how did that happen?! We’re not sure, either, but somewhere between our croissant filled breakfast meetings and our standing around the kettle making endless cups of tea (you know, for motivation…), January & February has passed us by in no time. Fortunately, March has brought with it a fresh start and a brand new website - we hope you enjoy having a look around!

Let’s start with saying that the first part of the year hasn’t all been carbs and cuppas; we’ve been getting inspired in the studio, designing and creating some beautiful new products. Over the winter, we’ve been embracing the Danish concept of hygge. There is no literal translation for what hygge actually means, but once you’ve felt it, you’ll know. It’s a roaring fire in a cosy den whilst a storm rages outside. It’s warm socks, a book, and a steaming cup of cocoa, or a gathering of friends with an abundance of mulled wine. In short, it’s being the cosiest you’ve ever been, whilst everything inexplicably smells of cinnamon.  Given that our little business is based in the middle of the wild and blustery Yorkshire moors, we figured that we could get on board with an ideology that almost demands hot cocoa and roaring fires. We take inspiration from a myriad of things and, over this past year, a lot of our products have been formed around a blend of hygge and the spirit of adventure. We want to explore; we want to run and climb and swim; we want to delve into a voyage that will take us over glen and dale and drench us to the bone in the process. But, also – we want hot chocolate.

Keeping up with trends is only part of the process. We’re inspired, more than anything else, by people. We like to see people enjoying themselves, feeling loved and valued, and we like to see people being understood and celebrated by those surrounding them. One of the greatest things about working with personalised products is getting to see the heartfelt messages that people wish for their loved ones. Dance to your own beat, sing like no one is listening, wear odd socks if you really must! The most common theme is simply just be yourself.  We want our products to help share memories, spread messages, encourage forgiveness and emphasize the value of relationships and family. Words have a way of bringing people together, and whether it’s written on a cushion or engraved in the back of an oak letter, the message is clear: we love to capture a moment and have our sentiments remembered.

So why not get yourself a large hot chocolate and settle down for a browse around our new and improved shop!