Personalised Christmas Watch Bird Game

Modo Creative


This is an absolute must, great fun, family christmas tradition!

Such a simple game to count down the days to christmas with young children. Your Christmas Watch Bird comes out on the 1st of December and with the help on a grown up he/she will move from perch to perch around the house for the children to find each morning. He is sent from Santa and watches for good behaviour, take it from us they really do work and children (and adults) will delight in this lovely festive game!!

Children love searching for him and in our house the watch bird is almost as exciting as santa himself!!

Personalised as shown to include your chosen names. Instructions for use are included on the bag which is perfect for storing your watch bird when not in use.

Not intended as a toy

made from:

cotton bag and faux robin


bag 10cm, robin 7cm