Our ethos at Modo

A moment if we may. 

It’s been brought to our attention that we don't talk enough about some of the good things our business does. 

We are not big fans of doing good and then shouting about it, we don’t do it for that reason.  However recently you lot (our customers) have started to show more interest in the behind the scenes and a few of you have encouraged us to discuss it more. So here it is....

Firstly we try and make products that make folk feel good.  Either good about a choice in gift or good about the message it conveys.  We try and make products that help people say something meaningful and lift people up. Sounds bit mushy huh? It’s true tho. That makes us really really happy and is ultimately what inspires us to make stuff. 

We make it our mission to support as many smaller and preferably local businesses as possible.  We are living proof that making good connections both with suppliers, other businesses and the people we work with can transform your company.  Over the years we have got to know many of our suppliers really well, sharing family news with each other and really valuing and enjoying our working relationships together.

Many of our products come from a circular economy.  This means that we use other peoples waste/off-cuts/left overs and rework them into something lovely.  Imagine if everyone did a bit of this, the difference we could make to landfill and the environment! 

Some of our products make a donation to various charities close to our hearts. We have a serotonin necklace that donates to Mind, a cushion that donates to Alzheimers and a bracelet that donates to PANDA 

We are passionate about young enterprise and welcome work experience at Modo along with supporting  young people in our local community where we can. We have recently been awarded a Disability Confident Committed badge which we are very proud to be part of.

We are constantly striving towards using less plastic in our packaging, bubble wrap is still a work in progress but everything else is recycled. We don't use plastic bags in our bricks and mortar shop.

We're not perfect and still have things we'd like to do better.  We don't run our small business for the money.  We do it for the kind of life we want to live and the impact we want to have.  If our business is sustaining our family and allowing us a more creative life, along with paying our staff, supporting other small businesses, doing good things and making positive impacts on others then we don't actually need much more!

We consider ourselves very lucky to have such great customers. You’re a savvy bunch and you care about where your money goes and who it’s supporting and we are grateful to have you all. Thank you for supporting Modo.