Meet Sonia, our lovely shop assistant

Meet Sonia! You will find her mainly in the shop on Haworth Main street, she always has a big smile on her face and tons of knowledge about Modo products.  We know you lot love a bit of the behind the scenes and getting to know more about the business and who your money is supporting,
so take it away Sonia!
What is your favourite Modo product and why do you like it? 
I love lot's of MODO products!  At the moment my favourite is the mountains are calling wall hanging, I like it because I love how It appeals to everyone old and young.  It makes a fantastic gift.  It's also threaded and put together here at the shop by myself and Rosie . 

What is a favourite Modo product amongst the shop customers?
The music boxes are a firm favourite. They are so tactile, I love to watch customers discover their magic. 

What do you do to make the customer experience extra special?
The MODO shop is a pretty special place. So it makes my job easy because customers just love it and the products. 

What do customers value?
Customers value the products because they are made and designed by the MODO team, here in Haworth with the help of local people. They appreciate the MODO look, unique designs and the competitive prices . 

What do you love about working at Modo
I just love working in the shop in Haworth it's like a dream come true.  I used to travel to Leeds for work every day, now I can just walk to work! I work in a beautiful shop surrounded by lovely things, which I help to make, I get to chat and get to know our customers and I work along side the best team of very talented folk.  It's win win and it's definitely not work!