Meet Oli, our lovely designer

Meet Oli! You will find him mainly in the Mill at Modo HQ, he is the first person your online order comes to and he makes sure that it is designed to the highest standard before sending your artwork through to the making team.  We know you lot love a bit of the behind the scenes and getting to know more about the business and who your money is supporting,

so take it away Oli!


What is your favourite Modo product to design and what makes it special to you? 

I have two which I really enjoy designing. The first one is the Alzheimer's Cushion, these are satisfying to design to get them looking and reading their best. I always take a minute to read the text provided to get a feel for the person they are for and learn about all the wonderful adventures and achievements they have accomplished in their life. My Nana has Alzheimer's and I often think how her cushion should read, and whether or not we should include the time she tried to boil an egg in the microwave. "Excellent chef, doesn't let the laws of physics or electrical fires get in the way of her and a good meal". My second favourite product is any painted oak product we engrave on the Laser Machine. Whether that is the Musical Wall Hangings, Birth Plaques or Letters. Often there is just a name to engrave, a really simple design which stands out and looks great. I love the contrast between the engraved wood and the off white paint. 


What Modo product is a current bestseller?

Our cotton prints are very popular at the minute. The wedding one in particular. We get to work with some fantastic, vibrant images with loads of contrast which look amazing once printed onto the cotton. 


Which Modo product is the hardest to design/artwork?

We sell a number of intricate items which have a lot of detail. They look great and are well worth the extra time to design to get them looking their best. The birth story hanging is a great example, there is a lot of information which needs bringing together from various sources to create the print. Birth stones, Star signs, Name meanings etc. Another product which is tricky to design compared to our newer products is the Family Sayings Print. I really enjoy designing these. It's great to read the sayings to get a feel of the conversations which take place within the family. Any sarcastic one liners which you can imagine flying back and forth throughout the house, are a favourite to read. "Where are my glasses" must be the most popular saying we see. 


What do Modo customers value?

Modo has very strong set of values which can be seen through our products. Customers are very savvy these days and want to support businesses who share their values. These can be seen from the sentiment of the product through to the packaging we use to post the order. A great example of this would be our oak letters which are a great christening gift, these are made from reclaimed wood, by another local business.  They get packed in a cardboard box with shredded paper instead of plastic bubble wrap. 


What do you love about working at Modo

I love the diversity Modo offers, the fast paced nature and the flexibility and readiness to work on something you weren’t expecting to be doing that day. We all get on like a house on fire as well which makes for a great place to work.