Almost six years ago Modo Creative was just a simmering thought, a collection of colours and a scrawled list of ideas at the back of a 2006 diary. It would be 2 years and a couple of babies later before the determination would set in to really make a go of it. Fuelled by the need to find a career that would fit around a young family and a newly found confidence in our ideas we started looking for a platform to get started with. appeared one day in a google search and we applied immediately. We were accepted and went live in April 2009, since then we have launched our own website and grown our range from just a few personalised prints to a whole range of gifts. With over ten years design experience we are typical designers, very fussy about detail and finish and total colour connoisseurs! We spent ages sourcing just the right paper for our prints. Everything we use is of the highest quality we can find, we use local suppliers and where possible keep everything organic and responsibly sourced. We find inspiration from everywhere, we mainly like old books, ice-cream vans, brass bands, vintage signs, blackpool, bingo halls, fun fairs, jumble sales...anything beautiful against an unlikely backdrop does it for us! We would love to show you pictures of us looking all professional and sparkly in our impressive designer studio but i'm afraid that image doesn't exist. Our studio is full to the rafters with packaging, frames and empty coffee cups and although it is a hub of activity its is not worthy of a picture. So instead, feast your eyes on a snapshot of our life through the eyes of our children, they love taking pitures and we think its actually a much more interesting slant on our lives than we could ever achieve. Isn't it lovely how children see their world.