no phone challenge family no phone challenge couple 

We love our phones. They are the window to so much if our world today. Our work, a great many of our friends, the news, pictures, weather, information and entertainment rah rah rah. We confess that we panic a bit if we don't have them with us. We are quite old fashioned at heart so being so preoccupied with our phones makes us uncomfortable. It was the end of a long day recently and we were both moaning about how intrusive our mobile phones can be. It's hard to separate work from home when your phone allows you to do both so easily and constantly beeps or flashes at you.  In fact this particular day was a sunday evening and emails were being checked whilst teeth were being brushed and it suddenly felt so wrong. It was agreed that a box with a lid and some words of encouragement would be such a good idea to remind us to take timeout from our phones. So we made some plans (using our phones of course!) and did some research (there are actual addiction clinics for phone use!) then started developing our phone time out box. So without further a do please be upstanding for  the no phone challenge!! Available now £15