Thought it was high time we posted about our new work space....and more importantly our new baby! At almost 7 months pregnant we jumped ship from our last place just before we went under, we were actually sinking in packaging and bubble wrap and the lines between home and work were becoming very blurred indeed.  Five months later and we have a lovely baby boy named Otis (thats him snoozing amongst our personalised stars) and 3 whole rooms dedicated to Modo. Otis is a lovely little bundle of pure joy and has slotted right in to our family like he's always been here.  He arrived a week early and we think he brought all this lovely sunshine with him as its been glorious almost ever since.   A flurry of new products always follows the the birth of one of our babies and we have just added personalised cushions to our range inspired our new little man.  As for the new office, its so nice to stretch out finally and regain some order.  Our employees have desks and swivel chairs and our modo stuff has shelves and drawers,  we have thrown open the windows, painted EVERYTHING white and bobs yer uncle its our new Modo home! We feel right growed up!