This week its all about rhyming couplets!  We are very lucky to be working with an extremely talented lady who really has a way with words.  She takes your words and memories and turns them into a funny and charming 26 line poem. In the short time since we joined forces, her witty words have been a big hit with our customers and we are growing quite a little fan base.  They are hard to market though, you really need to get one in your hands written for someone you know to even come close to appreciating how clever she is. She has a knack of really getting the measure of someone very quickly, she picks out the nicknames and the quirky habits, the funny things they do and she brings them to life in a poem AND she does all of this without even a sniff of naffness! So we have decided to blog about these poem prints and do a little dance about them so that people know how good they are. We think that they are the perfect group gift - maybe for a wedding, important birthday or retirement. Look at what some of our customers had to say. Oh Wow.. that is outstanding! Can't believe it.. this is so much better than I had dreamt of. Thank you thank you. Thanks for creating a brilliant poem! It's absolutely fantastic! We love it. A Huge Thank you for a fantastic poem that we presented to our friends on Saturday - they loved it and it has really captured who they are!