this week its all about caravans!  After some considerable umming and arrhing we decided that in order to ever escape work and the daily stresses of having a business in our home we needed a bolt hole, a home from home, our own little space somewhere far away from work. We decided that a caravan would be just the ticket and set about searching for one. The first place we looked was Ebay and on the first page, right there, before our very eyes was a beautiful 1960's caravan. It was love at first sight and two days later we were happily towing it home up the M1.  It was all a bit too good to be true in-fact. The reality is that although it is indeed a very lovely old caravan, it needs some love and attention (i.e. cash!) Therefore we have been submerged this week in a new world of vintage caravanning and all the responsibility that comes with owning one.  How can such a small space require so much thought and dedication!  There are whole books and websites devoted to this subject and the lovingly restored vans we have come across have really inspired us.  Have a look at some of the lovely ones we have found (ours is the first in line, the one with the grey sky behind!) Our children have named our new caravan Gary.  Yes - this does slightly shatter the romantic vintage image doesn't it?