Blackpool has a reputation and its not a very good one, however it wears its gaudy and tacky flashing badge with pride and seems quite uninterested in any of its finer points.  We love Blackpool.  We are a little bit scared of it too and you do need to have your wits about you once you get out of your car, but mainly we love it.  Every time we go we have the same conversation about how much potential it has to be the perfect seaside day trip.......if only there weren't so many nightclubs in full swing at 10am on a tuesday morning rah rah rah.  In actual fact it would take quite a lot to bring parts of Blackpool back from the brink of needing an 18 certificate and anyway, maybe the topless beer bellies, tattoos and cheap lager in plastic cups only makes the faded splendour of Blackpool all the more evocative.  There is an awful lot of plastic and fibreglass now but amongst all of this is still plenty of lovely old signage.  Wrought iron victorian letters with glass bulbs, vintage trams, sun bleached wooden signs and some really beautiful architecture! We are currently working on some new children's greetings cards that have been inspired by our Blackpool trips and all the fun of the fair! We were definitely the odd ones out taking the above pictures, other people were taking pictures that day but mainly of each others drunken antics and bare bottoms!