Early last year Gary entered our lives, he has become so much part of the family that he now even has a nickname...Garyvan (yes the children again!) We have just started planning this years caravan trips and thinking back to last year has made us very excited to get back out on the open road again. We had an absolute ball last summer playing in our new caravan, we held a 6th birthday party in and around it, we nicked off on little jaunty weekends to the coast in it and we even had our proper family holiday in it. We were all surprised how much we loved it (because if i'm honest i secretly thought it might be a bit of a nightmare!) Its so old that surely everything would be broken and awkward and annoying, its looks so beautiful that it has to be totally impracticable. However this lovely 1960's Cheltenham Waterbuck is solid and dependable and completely seduces you with all its charms and quirks and delivers (in bucket loads) a traditional family holiday. When i think back to our summer last year it was perfect! Im not sure if its because we got lucky with the weather or that the kids were a really good age for playing in the sun while we drunk wine ;) One thing that I am absolutely certain of though, is that Garyvan played a central character in our perfect summer.