We finally reached our limit.  After years of juggling a new business with a young family, the long working hours and daily compromises threatened to overwhelm us completely.... just a week before our busiest time of the year too. We were just gearing up for the Christmas rush when our internet died and we were forced to relocate on a daily basis to a local cafe.  It was very VERY tough.  We got behind with orders, forgot to eat, neglected our family and friends and didn't even notice the festivities building around us!  Somewhere around midnight in the middle of November we sat, exhausted and defeated and realised that we needed help.  There and then we emailed a local designer and the next morning we accosted a mum on the school run and a week later Modo became 4!  We landed on our feet and bagged ourselves two very hardworking and lovely peeps who did not bat an eyelid when we set them to work at our kitchen table.  So we managed the orders in the end (just about) and had quite a lot of fun to boot! So Modo is now a proper, real life team ready to take on a new year.  Welcome Karl and Emma!!