Five years ago we were almost alone in the world of personalised prints. A chunky canvas was in the 'in' thing for our walls and artwork for the small people in our lives was rife with tractors or fairies, babyish fonts and garish gender specific colours. We are having a clear out in the office this week as its high time we claimed back some order. During this sorting we have unearthed some wonderful things, mainly the initial workings of some of our most popular designs. These are the before's and after's. Firstly the original version of our Alphabet Art Print (almost too ashamed to post this early working its so bad!), the idea was to layout the alphabet and somehow highlight the letter that the child's name started with. So we played around with some fonts, puzzeled over the layout, figured out the personalisation and hey presto! This print (originally designed for lovely miss ruby) went on to feature in the christmas wish list for the Sunday Times and became a best seller with NOTHS. The Twitter Tree was stuck to the back of our kitchen door for about 6 months in all its handmade glory before it finally became a print that could be personalised. Lastly the Birth Date Print started life back in 2009 as an invitation for our eldest son's birthday party and we decided that it would make a lovely modern day birth sampler. When we made this print live on NOTHS we were very unsure about how it would be received because it was just words and fonts, we worried it too simple. We like simple and it turns out that so do lots of other people