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Meet Antonio Leon - Designer.  Antonio joined us towards the end of 2014 and is one of our most multi-tasking members of the team, jumping from designing to packaging to making a good cup of tea in one seamless move.  He knows his fonts and is our go to person for anything web related.  He is also king of biscuits, sometimes even making them himself!

Describe your job and what your average day looks like?

My role at Modo as a graphic designer is to translate our customers special occasions (weddings, new home, new baby)  into printable artwork that they can enjoy on their wall. My average day starts with organising orders, prioritising the ones that need it to be print and sent that day. Then I jump onto the design which takes up the rest of my day. I do manage to have a cup of tea, some lunch and help with customers enquires. But most of the time I am translating customer orders into beautiful pieces of design. Normally when I first look up at the clock I realise it’s home time!

What product do you enjoy designing and why?

The product that I enjoy designing the most is the Birth Date Print. The design we use is very flexible and uses beautiful well thought out fonts which makes my work a lot easier when it comes to putting the artwork together. I also like the colour palette which is used for the print, it really brings the final print to life and makes a beautiful gift.

What job did you want to do when you were growing up?

Mmm, well thinking about it, I think I wanted to become a skateboard maker. I was really into skateboarding when I was growing up, but what I found most fascinating was the design of the boards themselves. I really loved the feel of the wood curving perfectly to shape my skateboard. I always wanted to know how a skateboard was designed and created. Living in Peru in the 1990’s meant google wasn’t on the tips of my fingers! Now I know. 

Do you come from a creative background?

Yes, I think so. My granddad used to be a street artist and travelled all over South America performing and one of my older brothers is a performance artist/director, professional juggler and a DJ, and my other brother is doing a Masters in film. I have always looked to my family for inspiration and think they have helped me become the designer that I have become today. 

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, it all depends what I am working on and what I want to achieve. But I do always try to keep an eye on what the creative industry is doing, subscribing to Creative Review and constantly being caught on Pinterest.  

How does working for Modo differ from other jobs you've done?

Modo is such a special place to work because everyone there is super friendly and has a great sense of humour. I feel lucky meeting such a lovely team and really do enjoy going to work. Modo is a very special place indeed.