We believe that a product should look as good out and about and in the rest of the home as it does in the nursery and, with this grown-up feel in mind we’d like to introduce a few new products. Monochrome style was a hit on the 2014 spring runway and here at modo we agree that the clean, modern aesthetic of white with black accents makes the perfect starting palette for your little person’s nursery. Not only will they gaze for hours at the contrasting colours, but it’s the perfect way to decorate a nursery whilst still keeping the gender a surprise. Just add peachy pink and hints of on-trend copper for girls and a cadet blue or sea green for boys. Or make like us and add bold pops of bright colour. Our wide search for inspiration has revealed an emerging palette of colours that we just can’t get enough of! Bobo Choses, in particular, with its earthy shades of Sienna and Indian red and muted slate and steel greys are right up our street. The clothes are garment dyed to give them a vintage feel and the hand drawn, whimsical motifs and fun and appeal to our playful side. Watch this space for these thoughts influencing upcoming new products……..