Today is small business saturday, recognising the importance of supporting and celebrating small british enterprise. We were asked to do a quick questionnaire and video as part of NOTHS partner celebrations.  It was lovely to look back at our little journey and remember how it all started.  No fancy premises or huge pots of money, just an ambition to create a life for ourselves and our family. Q: What’s your inspiration? A: Ooh it comes from anywhere and everywhere! Inspiration is the fun bit, sparks of excitement – anywhere from an old vintage book cover to an ice-cream van. Q: How did you know it was time to take the leap and start your business? A: We’d love to give you a romantic answer to this but the reality was redundancy. The time was just right to take the plunge. Q: How has working with helped you achieve your business goals? A: Working with NOTHS has exceeded our expectations. NOTHS have provided us with an audience that just would not have been possible to achieve on our own.  Because our line of work is very much like a commercial kitchen, making and fulfilling orders at speed, NOTHS are the front of house: the swanky restaurant on the best street, getting the customers queuing out the door and allowing us to concentrate on delivering the best service we can. Q: How will you be spending Small Business Saturday? A: Probably fulfilling Christmas orders! We don’t often remember to pat ourselves on the back for our small business achievements so maybe we'll get the Christmas songs on and do a little celebratory dance! Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? A:  Keep an open mind and be true to yourself. Q: Tell us three things you couldn’t live without day-to-day A: Sadly our phones are very high on the list but without doubt our children and a hearty breakfast are top of the list in that order. Q: How do you take your tea/ gin? A: Our tea is Yorkshire and strong and our gin is large and often!