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Meet Maxine Dyson - Creative Assistant.  Maxine joined us last summer, she is super calm, very hardworking and makes a mean cup of tea. If you order something from Modo, the chances are it will have passed through her creative and nimble hands at some point.

Describe your job and what does your average day look like?

Max - I am a creative assistant I am in charge of framing and rolling the large prints and heat pressing cushions and hoops. A typical day for me involves big framing 1st thing then getting the heat press orders done in the afternoon if I have time after that I get some prints rolled then get all orders packaged ready for the post. With the odd cup of tea in between!

What product do you like to work on the most and why?

Max - I love framing the birth prints and reading the messages of love parents have for their children and also the wish prints/cushions. It's lovely to be part of that process as we have played a part in getting those important words documented and framed as a piece of art to be loved and cherished so that feels good.

What job did you want to do when you were growing up?

Max - I always knew I wanted to do something creative I just didn't know in what area.

Do you come from a creative background?

Max - Yes my mum is very creative she is an amazing painter although she would never say so herself. I was always drawing or painting when I was younger then ended up studying photography at college.

How does working for Modo differ from other jobs you've done?

Max - Modo is like a breath of fresh air, previous jobs have been in formal office environments so walking in to Modo every day is like a dream come true for me, it's a very relaxed chilled out creative environment, everyone is kind and everyone has a good heart. It's a pleasure to go to work everyday with such lovely human beings.

Describe your best day at Modo since joining the company.

Max - Every day has been great I especially enjoyed the day I had a challenge to get lots of big frames out in the Christmas rush, everyone pulls together to get the order out, it's great to be part of such an amazing team.