oli original_personalised-his-hers-sayings-print

Meet Oli Firth - Designer. Oli joined the gang last September and brought with him a wealth of design cred and some really really great jumpers. He is super efficient, has an excellent eye for detail and will work wonders with your words!

Describe your job and what your average day looks like?

I am a Graphic designer. My day usually starts by logging on and organising the orders to be designed for that day. Me and the other designers will start with any express orders, then move on to designing the variety of prints and gifts which have been ordered.

What product do you enjoy designing and why?

I really enjoy designing the personalised sayings prints. Not one is the same and it's great to read the various sayings people have. You can really get an insight into the home where the print will be hanging on the wall.

What job did you want to do when you were growing up?

Once I grew out of wanting to be a truck, train and lorry driver, I aways wanted to be a designer. I love every aspect of design.

 Do you come from a creative background?

I was always fiddling and messing about with things as a kid and then that sort of developed into really enjoying graphic design and resistant materials at school, which led to studying product design at university.

 Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

How long is a piece of string? I am always on design blogs and creative websites to see what is happening in the world of design. The Modo office is a very creative environment, so that helps as well. Creativity breeds creativity.

How do you take your tea/gin?

I'm not the biggest fan of tea, or gin to be honest. But I quite like the odd vodka and lilt.